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Meet Apollo 66

The Runaway is a small bar/burger joint in the Brookland neighborhood of DC, that just happens to host live shows with some pretty fantastic bands.

Take for example the band Apollo 66 who I caught on a recent Saturday night. The DC-based band plays “original, yet primitive garage trash punk rock ‘n’ roll made to help you forget about the coming apocalypse, and stomp your feet, clap your hands, and shout ‘Wooo!’” I hear plenty of influence from The Cramps, Link Wray, Social Distortion and I’ll even throw in some Flat Duo Jets.

The trio (Travis Hodges on guitar/vocals, Alex Morse on bass/vocals and Jeremy Markowitz on drums) put on a rousing, killer show at The Runaway in DC. Combining the best of garage rock with dashes of punk and surf rock, Apollo 66 ripped through a seven-song set. Color me impressed.

Highlights included “We Could Be Gone” which reminds me a bit of a harder-edged, yet still melodic version of The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed”. I also loved the groovy rockabilly “Be Warned! Be Prepared!” which had me keeping beat on the bar.

“Lost and Found” turned the fuzz up a bit and the wall of sound that came from the band made it feel like the bar was shaking at The Runaway. Hodges and Morse play off of each other so well and bring incredible energy to their show.

The band ended their short set after two more songs, leaving me wanting more. But with four bands on the bill, sometimes that’s just the way it goes.

I love discovering new bands and new music, especially when they’re local from the DMV. Apollo 66 was the exact band I wanted to hear on Saturday night.

While listening to their music on your favorite streaming platform is great, there is nothing like hearing them live. So check out their website and learn more about them and their monthly free shows they host at the American Legion in Silver Spring on the first Saturday of every month. This Saturday (October 7) Apollo 66 will play along with Sister Ex and Rook.

So, if you’re really worried about the upcoming apocalypse, throw on some Apollo 66, shout “Wooo!” and ride that sonic wave.


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